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In school when they assigned the summer reading list, how many people actually read it? Well I was the student that refused to participate in summer reading because I couldn’t relate to the characters. Their experiences were not my experiences. That all changed the summer I turned 13. True to The Game by Teri Woods was the book that started my love affair with Urban Fiction. There was a different feeling I got when I could understand the characters, the places and the situations. Reading became my escape. 

Brwn Sugar Reads was created to showcase books that left and impression on me. For over 10 years I was a silent reader, never expressing how Urban Fiction truly made me feel. The happiness, the sadness and the anger all stayed with me because I feared that others wouldn’t understand. Eventually I said fuck it and threw caution to the wind. In that wind Brwn Sugar Reads was born. 

Brwn Sugar Reads is inspired by Sydney’s love affair with music in the movie Brown Sugar. Sydney used music to navigate tough times in her life as I have used Urban Fiction. As a visitor here you get to experience what I love most about Urban Fiction. Brwn Sugar Reads is my diary of how urban fiction has never let me down. My goal for Brwn Sugar Reads is to ignite your love affair with Urban Fiction like Teri Woods did mine. Brwn Sugar Reads offers book reviews and author interviews.



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Nina came back with an explosive follow up to On Us. In this explosive follow up we find out the reasons for old beefs, and secrets that shouldn’t be secrets…. Come take this emotional walk with me cause I was definitely all over the place.


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