Black Lotus 2 By Kwan 

The Characters: 

Kahllah: Kahllah is a successful journalist by day and lethal killer by night… sometimes. When you think of an assassin Kahllah is not the typical killer that comes to mind. Kahllah on kills for a reason and sticks to the rules that govern the secret society that she belongs too.

K’wan has always been a great story weaver and he did not disappoint with Black Lotus 2. Kahllah is one of my favorite characters in his lineup because watching her deal with the torment of her upbringing has always captivated me. It amazes me how Kahllah easily lives a double life and only has them clash once in a while. Kahllah has no time for relationships that go past a physical sense. Trying to clear your name for a crime that you didn’t commit is hard to do for normal person, but Kahllah makes it look easy. This story exceeded what I expected in terms of the plot and the search the for who done it because every time I thought I figured out who was the real puppet master…. here comes K’wan snatching that character away from me. The biggest lesson learned from Kahllah is STAND FOR SOMETHING OR FALL FOR ANYTHING. Kahllah has one name: Black Lotus and she will fight to the death to protect it. One question still remains, how do you take on the people who were taught the same things as you? The plot twist in this story are large and in charge. Who would have thought that an assassin and a cop could work together? That is not the average pairing when working towards a common goal. 

The plot twists, and the character depth alone make this a five-star read…. It also helps that the main character is a woman navigating a male dominated field. 

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