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Chronicle by Black Mamba 

Chronicle can’t really be confined to on genre of literature. It is a multifaceted book making it hard to put into one category. Chronicle for me is a psychological thriller that had me on the edge of my seat. Chronicle is a disturbed person that appears to be highly intelligent to others (he is intelligent) and is able to accomplish his goals by talking (manipulating) others. If you ever wanted to dive into the mind of a maniac then Chronicle is real life the book for your. The characters are authentic and the places are familiar and so are the situations….. Chronicle can eat the box like groceries (Read the book). On a more serious note this story line keeps you wanting more and will have you scratching your scalp at the end asking your self how many 

real life Chronicles do you meet on a regular and just don’t know it. The one thing I know for certain is I don’t want to meet Sharon or Chronicle in real life…. Five stars across the board.


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