I honestly don’t know what to say….. I lied I do know what to say 

Characters: I had no issues with the way that the author developed these characters. 

Projex  pulled me in from the first time he stepped on to the page.  (Now y’all know I live for a good hood ñ¡g9ä)!!! Projex delivered everything that he was supposed too. He gave you hood, but he was definitely more than what meets the eye. He was big brother lover,homie, friend, and Loyal (side eye). Projex was just the right amount of toxicity for me! I loved the way he loves. 

Lori was the not so average teenage girl who embodies the mantra of you don’t have to do a lot to be seen. Her growth from teenager to woman in love is organic and relatable. I felt every unsure moment she had with Projex. 

Nyree  is the best friend everybody needs! The rider, the hype man, tell it like it is, I got your back through whatever. She should have hit on people more because they deserved and earned it honestly. 

Akira is the friend that everybody can do with out. She a snake, flat out PERIODT. But with that being said the shit that happened to her she deserved and I feel no sympathy for her. She a undercover hater. 

Story Line:

The author captivated me from the very beginning. This book was way more than your normal teenage love affair. I enjoyed watching Projex change Loriana and Loriana changing Projex. The give and take between the two was equally yoked.  I love them separately for different reasons too. Sometimes you just pull towards someone and can’t pull away from. This book gave me hood drama, high school drama and just enough real love. 

My rating for this book…. Is a ?????because the story flowed and I was throughly engrossed. There were typos (misplaced letters for those who don’t know the difference between a typo and an error); however COMMA  they did not take away from the story.  The characters were very real and relatable. The author almost made me cry at the end buttttttttt we will discuss that another day hopefully soon. 

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