Grown By: Tiffany D. Jackson 

The cover of this book is absolutely BLACK GIRL MAGIC. This cover made me feel okay with rocking a low fade. Simple covers always attract me, and this cover was a statement in itself… 

Enchanted is a 17-year-old girl blinded by the Stardom of her favorite singer. Enchanted entered a secret relationship with said singer and she is unable to think for herself; she was secluded from her family and was abused at the hands of the man that she thought was supposed to love her. 

I felt a lot of different emotions while reading this book with some being anger for what Enchanted went through at the hands of a GROWN Man, sadness for her parents who were seemingly helpless against the stardom of a predator, and disgust for the predatory himself from the very beginning. The character situations were semi- relatable (Enchanted dating an older man). The plot twist at the end of the book was worth it!!

Tiffany Jackson did an incredible job of mixing reality with fiction. I love the fact that she shined the light directly at the doubters of black women who say they have been abused. This book really showcased the sorrow that women of color go through when no one believes them. Tiffany also showed the mental trauma that abuse victims deal with long after the torture has stop. 

This book is absolutely one that belongs on everyone’s reading list. This book was written for young adults but can absolutely be enjoyed by adults.

5 Stars!!!! 

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