Hoes in The Hood by Jill Shawntaye Kapri 


Woo: Woo is the definition of the nosy neighbor next door. You know the one that be in everybody business and don’t mind talking about it. Well Woo don’t mind telling her own business either. Woo is the TMZ of the hood. 

·  I’m only mentioning Woo because…. She’s my favorite and she puts the pieces of this story together lovely. 

So, the other characters are just everyday women who are content living the hood life. Some of them are sleeping with their best friend’s/ sister’s/cousin’s/auntie’s baby daddies. Most of are living by the famous Ronnie Hoe Quote “Use what you got to get what you want”. It’s Just too many of them to name. There being so many women in this story does not take away from this story because they are all connected.  These women just really want to be loved and take what they can get from these men. They are in some situations jealous of each other… and some are downright vindictive. 

The character that I wished we had more of out of these two books was Keithan. Keithan is probably my favorite male character out of all the men present in this book. Keithan is a reformed bad boy.  The lesson learned from Keithan is you can’t help who your family is. 

This story was about secrets being exposed. Some of them good…. Well not really but y’all get the point. The underlying message of this story is to know your worth. I think if the woman in this story knew their worth half the stuff that went on in this series wouldn’t have happened. Overall this story is an everyday walk through the hood. The situations are somewhat familiar and unexpected.  

Song Explanation: I chose Future Freak Hoe…. Well because its true… some of these women are just pointblank nasty. 

My rating for this story is a five because both books are short reads that will leave you mouth open with the shenanigans that are witnessed in this story.  The author growth is recognizable and appreciated.  The characters are relatable in some situations.  What I liked most about this book was each building in the apartment complex had their own drama, sometimes that drama overlapped but it was still good. The cover of this series is an accurate representation of the story…. that’s always a plus when the cover match what’s going in in the story. I can’t wait for part three.

Author Brag: I had the pleasure of reading this story when it first came out. Author Jill was amazing to review, and she took the critique I gave her very well. Book two is literally a slap in my face because she did everything I suggested. It is amazing when you can recognize the growth in an author from book to book…. So, with that being said: I SEE YOU JILL. 

Where to buy the book: 

Books are also available directly from the Author ( @authorjillskapri ) on Instagram. 

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