I Love Him, But My Soul Craves Another by Nadine Fry

This book gave me the absolute feels. I was pulled in from the first page literally. As a woman I connected with Diyyah and her not knowing the powers of her own body and being unfulfilled. I enjoyed her an Kia relationship because everybody needs a rider. I got the most laughter from Mags and Kia relationship because who doesn’t love a good healthy toxic relationship. I was happy that Tavius was able to redeem and repair his broken relationships. Y’all this book was everything. I finished the entire series in one day. It’s five stars across the board, the writing was amazing, the story line was thick, and the grammar errors were practically non existent. This story is the prime example of what you won’t do someone else will and it also showed that its not to late to redeem yourself for past transgressions.

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