King Dayvid By Ty Marshall 

The Characters: 

King Dayvid: The gentle giant.




I can’t honestly do a review on this story without making mention of the other books that are connected to it and in the interest of not spoiling the other books, I will focus on what I liked about Dayvid in general.

I looked high and low for this story and when it was finally dropped in my lap, I felt extreme happiness because I finally had the complete set for this story. Ty Marshall delivered a great story for the only male member of the Porter clan. I think that if I had access to this story when I read the other stories, I would feel differently about it however, Dayvid has always been the character that I wanted to know more about, I wanted to live in his mind, feel as he felt and I have finally done that. Dayvid is the epitome of control to me, he is hard to read which makes for great mystery of the character. If I had to choose between the four siblings, Dayvid would be the character that I would choose to send this story to the finish line. While each of the siblings had something to lose, Dayvid lost the most in my opinion because he acted in the interest of his girlfriend and in his need of her being able to survive without him. Now while I think the that was noble of him, I think at the same the girlfriend was a fucking bird acting out of grief. His girlfriend, whose name I can’t remember while I type this post, moved on a little to quick for me considering the type of man that she was with. But make no doubt about it when she realized the error of her ways, she made the choice to let him go without fear of consequence. And that is the point where I retract my previous statement because, I mean she really loved him… like loved, loved him.  Anyway, Overall Dayvid’s story had the most drama, the most action and literally had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading this story. 

My rating for Dayvid’s story is 5 STARZ based on the simple fact that I didn’t care about the other siblings while reading his story. 

I honestly felt that this series as a whole would have done better with one author verses four. While each story is able to stand on their own, it gives the reader no resolution because we don’t know what happens after that final gunshot is heard. 

I’m not really sure why there is no real ending for this story, but I really wish that one of the four authors (TY MARSHALL) would buy the rights to the entire series and give the readers the ending that we deserve.  

The circle is still incomplete…

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