Let’s Make Sex Great Again by SL Jenkins 

Song: Sex Slave by Dovey Magnum 

This contained about seven or eight short erotic stories that you have to have an open mind to read. If BDSM and group sex are themes that you don’t like to read, then this isn’t the book for you.  I will focus on the story that I wanted more from although, I enjoyed this read for several different reasons…… the first being that the stories were hot and steamy. Ms. Jenkins almost made me make a closure call…. But I digress. 

Mr. Santiago: Mr. Santiago was literally the best story in the entire book. I read his three times. Mr. Santiago is a Boss baby, but he gave me a little bit of thug vibes and that is an absolute win for me. His story is the one I would choose for SL Jenkins to expand on.  This story man…. SL Jenkins please give us a thug me style book with Angel Santiago. Truthfully the star of this story was Mr. Santiago but the damn light bulb…. where can I get it?

I really like the fact Ms. Jenkins did not give us super detailed character descriptions for the men, that made the stories more personal for me because I could but whoooooo eveeeeerrrrr I wanted in the leading male role.

There is a lesson to be learned from this book: DEMAND what the fuck you want, cause a closed mouth don’t get fed. This book is an entire metaphor for demanding what you want and crave sexually. Each of the women in these stories desired some form of domination in the bedroom and searched and found what they wanted.  

For the most part I stayed entertained while reading this book. The only drawback for me was some of the stories were too short.  If I’m being honest the cover nor the title sold this book to me, it was word of mouth. I think that the cover should have been super spicy to match the content within the pages.  My rating for this book is 3.5 stars, the cover and the title just didn’t match. Each story line was different, some more believable than others. There were grammar errors that could have been avoided with better editing. 

Shout out to Brittnee from Urban Junkie Bookclub (@urbanjunkiebookclub) for the recommendation. 

Amazon Link: https://www.amazon.com/Lets-Make-Sex-Great-Again-ebook/dp/B08B3ZJNJ8/ref=sr_1_1?crid=BP79T14W3R7E&dchild=1&keywords=let%27s+make+sex+great+again&qid=1597560424&sprefix=let%27s+make+sex%2Caps%2C229&sr=8-1

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