Messani & Messiah by: Jahquel J 

Song: Don’t Trust No N***a by Khia 

The Characters: 

Messani: Messani only plays the cards she is dealt. She is determined to not let her current situation be her final destination. Messani may have some slight abandonment and daddy issues but she is about her money. Messani has the potential to be a strong female lead. Her only issue is she stopped trusting herself and put that trust into a man. Messani is INDEPENDENT.

Boone: Boone is book bae material all the way around. He only came on the scene towards the end of book one and I absolutely loved the game he tried to give Messani. The fact that Boone made moves to protect her from everything she didn’t know was happening around her makes him the realist character in the book. 

Dice: If there was a character visual for Dice, you would find his picture in the dictionary next to the word hoe. If you looked in the urban dictionary, he would live in the fuckboy category. Dice ain’t shit even though he presents himself as everything. The only lesson to be learned from his is the loudest person talking has the most to hide. He is a snake, disloyal. Did I mention that he was a womanizer? Yeah, he all that shit too. Dice is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Kelsi: Kelsi is the type of person you don’t want to befriend. She is that friend that your parents warn you about. This bitch is spoiled and shouldn’t be, she is self-centered and disloyal too. I really tried to take it easy on her but…  she gave me no outs. 

Messiah: No words can really describe Messiah, just know if Messiah is on the scene then somebody is about to die! 

For the purposes of this review I’ll focus on Messani’s character because she is unknown to the Jahquel J line up. Messiah is a fan favorite and has several different books where she appears. Her appearance in these books are…. colorful. 

The plot of this story is a tale of a young girl trying to survive her fucked up situation. Messani’s only motive is providing for herself. I like Messani’s character a lot because she did what she had too and stayed out the way. Usually I enjoy the development of characters but watching Messani digress into everything she hated in other females was a pack of sour patch kids for me, let me explain: Messani’s character is the prime example of why you don’t mix business with pleasure. She should have kept it G with Dice and only did business with him. I get why she attached herself to him, he provided something that she lacked. Messani took everything Dice said and ran with it. She accepted all his short comings and continued to put him first. Messani struggles to understand that the way people fuck with her isn’t on her it’s on them. Let me make this clear: Messani has a backbone and usually stood on what she says especially when she feels slighted.  

Messani’s mother doesn’t care for her outside of what she can do for her and she doesn’t know her father. Messiah’s is the Queen of the underworld and carries herself as such. Messiah is a myth, you hear she exists but never really see her, if by chance you meet her its usually from the business end of her gun (that how these two siblings meet). At the point where Messani meets Messiah, she is a little to laid back to be in the presence of a serial killer, that wouldn’t have been me. You couldn’t pay me to sit my ass in a car with Messiah Garibaldi, let alone let her take me somewhere without notifying somebody… Messiah is CRAZY.  Messiah introduces Messani to their father, this meeting goes better than I expected…. Cause I would have knocked all that shit off his desk. Messani doesn’t hold a grudge for how her childhood turned out… that makes her more adult than most adults. This meeting was a happy place for me because there was no tension and Messani is finally able to provide for herself without crooking or hooking.  

Boone and Messani’s love situation was one that happened organically for me. All I can say is I want to experience the drama that I know will come from a Garibaldi and Blaque being together. 

Messiah and her husband’s troubles are explored in this series and it gives you a small glimpse into the things that can undo Messiah. Aye, Messiah did not do the one thing I thought she would do…. I mean I think she is growing…. Possibly. 

Explanation of the song: I chose Khia Don’t Trust No N***a because that’s the song that played in my head the entire time I was reading. Like I said before Messani’s only fault was putting her trust into a man who never had her best interest at heart. Hell, Messiah didn’t trust her husband for real. 

My rating for this series is 5 STARZ…. Honestly because I have already experienced the crazy of Messiah prior to reading this series I could have done without her relationship troubles. Not gone lie, this book left me with so many questions on rather or no Messani will take part in her family’s business and will her and Boone last. 

Disclaimer: This series is not on Amazon; it was a part of her Treat Yo’ Shelf subscription box. She has both a website and social media account for the box. 


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