Money Devils 1 By Ashley and JaQuavis 

The Characters: 

Ashton: Running from the demons she created in Miami Ashton finds solace in reuniting with her sisters. Still in love with the man she tried to ruin Ashton faces a new loss, an unexpected loss.  Ashton rises to the occasion and shows her sisters that baby sister ain’t the baby they thought she was. Ashton holds true to the old adage that less is more. Being caught at the wrong place at the wrong time might just be her Karma. Denied by love after a loss cuts her deep but she won’t faulter in her moves…. Because every move she makes may be her last.  What do you do when you have crossed the last Murder Mama? 

Sutton: Sutton was given a strong business model as a child which she has used to make her and her sister rich. The oldest child always bears the brunt of making sure the younger siblings are cared for and protected. Sutton struggles to keep it business while falling in love…. Love feels good to her but the ties that bind cause her soul conflict. 

West: West is the epitome of Big Dick Energy.  West says what he wants and goes after it with no remorse. The clean-shaven businessman that the world sees is more than just that. True gangster at his core, he manages to keep is street ties separate from his legit business dealings. West is the victim to repercussions to a crime he didn’t commit. 

August: August is the entitled rich white boy, who lives for the thrill. August struggles to accept the losses he doesn’t even know he caused. The secrets that he keeps have a whirlwind effect. He struggles to maintain his party lifestyle and be the brother that his siblings need, and the businessman his family’s legacy deserves. 

Sire: Hood Nigga to the bone, Sire isn’t taking anymore L’s. The loss of his brother and the slight delivered by his childhood homie, he is no longer bound by the chain of childhood loyalty. Money is his only motive. 

This book dropped the biggest plot twist of Summer 2020. Ashton has more ties to the lover she left behind than anyone knew and leaving was a hard choice to make. Ashton longs for that love but finds comfort in being around her sisters. Every character in this book is motivated by revenge and it is not always the dish that is cold. Ashley and JaQuavis have delivered another summer banger and the plot is fucking juicy.  This is absolutely a book that belongs on EVERYONE’S summer reading list because the authors are all the way with the shits. 

Rating: 5 Stars across the board

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