Tangled in a Lovers Web By: B’Shone and China
The Characters:
I really was not expecting this book to end the way it did. This book is a complete metaphor for when knowing when to walk away. I honestly enjoyed every bit of this story. While I laughed the entire time, I read this book I was still able to connect with each of the characters in some way. I think the parts of this book that brought me the most joy were the parts where the characters went to church. There were many lessons to be learned from the characters, but my top ones are below:

  1. Know when to walk away and when to stay: Everyone is guilty of staying in some form of a relationship where they know that it is not going anywhere… and these characters struggled most with making the decision to stay in a dead-end place or move on for their own happiness.
  2. What’s done in the dark will come to light: that’s self-explanatory….
  3. Nothing is ever as it seems: nothing about this story was ordinary including the situations the characters found them selves in.
  4. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander: The only person that hurts in a game of tit for tat is you. While you trying to hurt someone else are you really fixing the problem?
    The characters in this book all have their own reasons for doing the things that they did and when I learned why they made the decisions they made I was able to feel sympathy for a few of them…
    My absolute favorite character out of the entire Story was Pastor Hunt…. If you have never experienced a Godly read, then you are missing out…. Pastor read everybody from the head to toe. The Character that surprised me the most was Ji…. I can’t tell you why, but he did… Ji is a real one.
    Both B’Shone and China did an amazing job creating this web… I mean this entanglement is better that Jada Pinkett and August Alisina.
    This is a five-star read because the story line was not predictable, the character development was amazing, and the situations were hilarious. This book should definitely make your summer read list because it just should be.
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