This isn’t going to be a long review because I can’t find the words to make it long. Shawn Starling wrote a great story of three different men on three different paths. One working to provide for his son while navigating dating (Kevin). The other a older brother with a strong male influence in his life (Rashid) The younger brother who is a victim of circumstance and a mother who is only out for self (Ricky). Granted the mother has her own demons that she is fighting. She does not provide the proper care and control of her son after vindictively taking him away from a great male role model.  

This story is told from those three prospectives mentioned above.  I absolutely stan this story and my reasons are: 

  1. It gives a positive male influence which is rarely seen in urban fiction. 
  2. This book shows how two different people born to the same parents can walk different paths in life. 
  3. I liked how Kev and Rah spoke life into each other because that’s so important for out black boys and men to hear. 
  4. The editing of this book was superb. 

For me the nature vs nurture debate was ever so present in this book and was shown in how differently Ricky and Rah were. Rah saw a hard working father, so he chose to work legitimately where as Ricky was a victim of his environment and chose the fast money to provide for himself. 

Both boys had strong people behind them  and each showed them how to walk down the paths that they chose. 

Although this story had a sad ending that matched the beginning it leaves me wanting more. (Shawn where part 2?) 

I absolutely loved this story because it flashes a light on how boys in the hood born to ain’t shit parents are easily forgotten.

The lessons given in this book are true and actual reality of what it’s like being a black man in America.  

Also, Capricorn’s are not stubborn, I resent that Mr. Starling…. we just don’t move if it don’t make sense. 

My song choice for this book is Hope by Faith Evans and Twista. I chose that song because the entire time I read this book I was hoping Ricky made better choices… but I understood his reasons. And the song speaks on issues all the characters were having in the first verse. 

My rating for this book is five stars. This is a story that needs to be told. Granted I don’t feel the cover of this book accurately represents the story that is enclosed in the pages, this book definitely belongs on your summer reading list. 

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