Two Occasions by Jahquel J 

The Characters: 

Brook Lynn: Brook Lynn struggles to find her voice. Brook Lynn has lived her life doing what she was told to do by her parents. She is unhappy in her marriage. Brook Lynn is under appreciated. Brook is meek and mild mannered.

October: October is successful and knows exactly what he wants. October is the side bae of the century because he spoke life into everyone, he had relations with. October is EVERYTHING to this story. 

Martin:  Martin is the fuck boy of the century. He is rude, inconsiderate and a total fuck up.  

Let me start off by saying romance novels are not the first type of novels I would choose when picking a line-up of books to read, but none the less I still try and be fair when reading them.  

Two Occasions pissed me off in the first 12 pages…. The first 12 pages. I have never hated a character right out the gate like I hated Martin Mulder. As a person who doesn’t like crowds and likes to blend in with the background it absolutely hurt my feelings when watching Brook be demeaned for not being a social butterfly, that scene alone made me have flash backs to an argument I had with my significant other about me not being friendly… as my mate, my lover and my better half you are not supposed to make me feel bad for not being social, include me more make me comfortable with being around your friends…. Don’t make me feel like shit because I don’t fit the picture of me that you made up in your head. I felt for Brook in this moment for real because I have been there. 

 I pitied Brook for a moment when I started learning her character more. At times she pissed me completely off because she didn’t really have a backbone and refused to stand up for herself. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t relate to Brook living her life for her parents and husband while being miserable…. A family name don’t mean that damn much to my happiness. It definitely would have been fuck everybody for me.  

October came through like a wrecking ball and turned Brook’s world right side up. I liked October’s character because he made Brook think about her happiness from jump. October spoke life into her with no effort. For me October is absolutely book bae… He is book bae. October stepped on the scene with BDE (y’all know I live for BDE…. Ask me on Instagram (@brwnsugarreads) what BDE is if you don’t know). October is a father and a businessman who was okay with helping Brook find herself, and that made him real. Most times in fiction we see the women making the men better, but rarely do we see the man making the woman stand for something…. I appreciated that whole heartedly. 

Now here comes the part that threw this story for me….  Brook knew that her husband wasn’t shit from jump… She took entirely tooooooo much from him. Never in a million years was Brook supposed to walk in on what she walked in on and go back to sleep… it’s a no for me dawg! This part of the story is not realistic, cause baby it would have been on and poppin’ in that basement. Her reaction to that situation ruined the story for me. Honestly, I knew from the time that Gina moved into their house that Martin was having relations with that woman.  

I was extremely happy that Brook finally decided to get her some side loving… she deserved it and so much more. Truthfully, Brook’s lack of reaction in the situations she found herself in made this book hard for me to digest, because even the most proper of women can get active when they need too, and she didn’t. 

Overall, my rating for this book is four stars. The development of Brook’s character from silent to you gone listen to me roar was one that I enjoyed watching. October’s character didn’t need developing he came on the scene with his shit together. The story line over all was relatable in certain situations and others it wasn’t it. Jahquel J really crafted a good story with the Platinum’s and the McKay’s, and I can’t wait to see more of them.  

Disclaimer: This book is not on Amazon; it was a part of her Treat Yo’ Shelf subscription box. She has both a website and social media account for the box. 


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