The Characters:

Keyshia and Cashmere:

“I love hard, but I hit even harder. So, what you want unconditional or unconscious, Eyshia?” ~ Cashmere  

To understand the magnitude of Keyshia and Casmere’s love story you have to start at the beginning. But ill give you the snapshot version:

Cashmere was a dog ass boyfriend to Keyshia from the very beginning, but they really really really really loved each other. Key and Cash have the type of love that transcends over time and space. No matter who they with or think they with all roads lead back to each other. I don’t blame Cash for how their relationship progressed throughout the story because Keyshia can use her mouth for everything else besides telling him what she really wants. 

Cash is by far one of my favorite characters in this story. In Jux Season we get to see Cash as a father, a business owner and my favorite a KINGPIN. The conflict with Cash is managing all those hats and not having them overlap. Cash Nickname is Can’t Get Right…. every time you think this man is getting it right he issssssss NOTTTTT.  

 Keyshia has always been a strong female character in this story but when it comes to Cash she don’t always hold that same strength. Keyshia most times doesn’t see her fault in how their relationship progress and that’s okay because sometimes you can’t see the man in the mirror clearly. 

Ru and Tan:  

Ru and Tan have had the hardest time trying to figure out where they belong in each other lives. Ru was a dog in every sense of the word. For Me it’s the fact that none of their Kids belong to each other and they still love them like they are all theirs. RU and Tan are goals. If it’s meant to be it will be. Their hearts beat for each other. Im not saying much about them except they have major hurdles to overcome. 

Jux and Ya’Lani: 

Jux is husband goals for real. I never thought they would have made it. Who am I kidding I knew they would. I think this couple is the most equally yoked out of all the couples. 

Prince and Bree: 

Prince and Bree by far are the most irritating couple ever. It ain’t even Prince… Its Bree selfish ass. Like if it’s not about her it doesn’t matter. Prince is not an angel but he tries and she doesn’t. She never has.  There is nothing wrong with her wanting to be a career woman, I salute that my issue with her is she for gets that the decisions that she makes effect her husband and children. Bree pushes Prince’s buttons until he snaps and then cries victim after. I really have never liked Bree’s character. I think she forgets that her husband is a straight SAVAGE.   

Harmony and Louie: 

Babyyyyyyyyyy…… that’s all I’m gone say on that matter. I could go on about these two for days but it gives the story away. 

This book was everyfuckingthing needed in a follow up story. Karma Monae showed her entire ass with this one man. As long as the readers had to wait for it she did not disappoint.  I love these characters even more man. They kids gave me life while they  gave their parents hell man. Cam is going to be a whole problem in the very near future. Karma re-introduced old characters like Youngboy who we hadn’t seen in years. She gave us new conflicts and new love. We see All the old heads navigate parenting the best way they know how. We see the ultimate heartbreak. This book leaves you wanting more man. Every character in this book gave it up raw…. except Bree (See above Character Breakdown). 

The characters that I’m on the lookout for are Young Boy and Cam. I could see them working together or being friends.

The character that shocked me most was Diva…. She stood on her word at such a young age.

Matt ass is fucking hilarious and his comedy was need to breakup such intense moments. 

The conflict in this story is one from the past, one that was cultivated over time with misinformation.  This story is the cautionary tale of leaving loose ends untied. 


My rating for this book is five stars. As I have said many time throughout my ranting Karma Monae showed her entire ass with this book. She passed go, she collected her two hundred dollars. its very rare that an author can take a break from a character group and comeback and capture each personality as it was written. the authenticity of these characters is amazing. They stayed true to themselves and to the past stories. As I said before the kids gave me extreme life… Keyshia and Cam’s kids to be exact. 

While I know this review centered around the characters, it’s what I could talk about with out giving the story away.   

My song for this book is: Hard For Me by Leela James…. this song sums up Keyshia and Cashmere relationship perfectly!!!!





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